RNA Club

Meets every 2nd Thursday of the month. 4:00 - 6:00 pm @ rm 123 Sinsheimer Labs, UCSC

January 10 Berra Yazar - Hartzog Lab
Transcription Elongation Factor Spt5 Binds RNA.

Jennifer Kabat - Zahler Lab
Investigating the role of an hnRNP R/Q homolog, HRP-2, in mRNA alternative splicing.
February 14 Kausik Chakrabarti - Ares Lab
Telomerase RNA in eukaryotic pathogens: a common biology?

MaryAnn Dassah - Zahler Lab
Tales from the Cryptic Splice Junctions: Acts from Suppression to Splice Site Fidelity.
March 13 Laura Lancaster - Noller Lab
The Sarcin-Ricin Loop of 23S rRNA is Essential for Assembly of the Functional Core of the 50S Ribosomal Subunit.

David Bernick - Lowe Lab
A map of small RNA across a hyperthermophilic genus.
April 10 Jonathan Gent - Fire Lab, Stanford
Small RNA in C. elegans spermatogenesis and in paternal contributions to embryogenesis.

Dmitri Ermolenko - Noller Lab
Spontaneous Intersubunit Rotation in Single Ribosomes.
May 8 John Gross - Gross Lab, UCSF
Control of mRNA Decapping.

Ivan D'Orso - Frankel Lab, UCSF
Evolution of an acetylation-mediated RNA affinity switch in lentiviral Tat proteins.
Summer Break
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