RNA Club

Meets every 2nd Thursday of the month.
4:00 - 6:00 pm
@ rm 123 Sinsheimer Labs, UCSC

2008-2009 Academic year
November 13th Liana Lareau - Brenner Lab , UC Berkeley
Evolution of ultraconserved unproductive splicing in SR genes

Gus Zeiner - Boothroyd Lab , Stanford
Micromanagement: Toxoplasma gondii dysregulates miR-17~92 in its mammalian hosts
December 11th Hongqing Du - Ares Lab , UCSC
Loss of MBNL1 function is the primary cause of splicing and
transcript level defects in a CUG-repeat expressing mouse model of
myotonic dystrophy

Nicole Lambert - Zahler Lab , UCSC
A Structural Basis for microRNA Target Recognition
January 8th Jeremy Sanford - Sanford Lab , UCSC
Splicing Factor SF2/ASF-A cheeky wee protein

Fereshteh Kenari - Ares Lab , UCSC
Induction of neuronal differentiation and stress resistance by a bifunctional large RNA
February 12th Poornima Parameswaran - Fire Lab , Stanford
Amplification-dependent and amplification-independent modes of RNA-based viral response in animal systems

Michael Stone - Stone Lab , UCSC
Watching a biological jigsaw puzzle come together: single-molecule studies of telomerase assembly.

March 12th Blake Wiedenheft - Doudna Lab, UC Berkeley
Cas1: The Universal Mediator of Adaptive Immunity in Prokaryotes

Yunlong Liu - Indiana University School of Medicine
Identifying sequences regulating microRNA gene expression

April 9th Gang Chen - Tinoco Lab, UC Berkeley

Triplex Structures in an RNA Pseudoknot Enhance Mechanical Stability and Increase Efficiency of -1 Ribosomal Frameshifting

Angela Brooks - Brenner Lab, UC Berkeley
Alternative splicing regulation by pasilla, a Nova-1/2 ortholog, identified through RNA-Seq

May 14th Jianyu Zhu - , Noller Lab, UCSC
A streamlined approach towards ribosome crystallization with the aid of robots

Natalia Ivanova - , Noller Lab, UCSC
Finding the unknowns in trans-translation
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