RNA Club 2014

Meets every 1st Thursday of the month.
4:00 - 6:00 pm
@ rm 123 Sinsheimer Labs, UCSC

9-Jan Srividya Mohan - Noller Lab, UCSC
Mechanics of 30S Ribosomal Head Rotation

Michael Stone - Stone Lab, UCSC
Telomere DNA dynamics during the human telomerase catalytic cycle

6-Feb Hanane Ennajdaoui - Sanford Lab, UCSC
Post-transcriptional regulation of adhesion genes by IGF2BP3

Melissa Jurica - Jurica Lab, UCSC
Searching for Spliceosome Inhibitors

6-Mar Andrew MacRae - Jurica Lab, UCSC
Putting Together the Spliceosome From the Outside In

Bill Scott - Scott Lab , UCSC
Ribozyme Catalysis: Up Close and Personal

3-Apr Matt Ragle - Zahler Lab, UCSC
Tissue-specific alternative splicing at adjacent 3’ splice sites in C. elegans

Todd Lowe - Lowe Lab, UCSC
Analysis of human and yeast tRNA-seq -- initial surprises from casting a wide net

1-May Al Zahler - Zahler Lab , UCSC
Understanding the role of small RNAs in ciliate molecular biology: the challenges of getting to mechanism

Yaeta Endo - Cell-Free Science and Technology Research Center ,
Ehime University
Challenge developing new methods for the constitution of 30S and nucleosomes, using the wheat cell-free translation system

Contact: Harry Noller

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