RNA Club 2016-2017

Meets every 2nd Tuesday of the month.
4:00 - 6:00 pm
@ rm 123 Sinsheimer Labs, UCSC

November 8th Jason Talkish - Ares lab,UCSC
Defining an intron: how the U2 snRNP promotes fidelity during early steps of spliceosome assembly

Veronica Urabe - Jurica Lab, UCSC
SF3B1 inhibitors and U2 snRNP

December 13th Sergio Covarrubias - Carpenter Lab, UCSC
An IncRNA reveals co-regulation of macrophage differentiation and inflammation

Christina Palka - Stone Lab, UCSC
The little domain that could: The TEN domain coordinates structural rearrangements in telomerase

January 17th Marija Dargyte - Sanford Lab, UCSC
A big role for sf2 in small RNA biogenesis

Daniel Kim - Kim Lab, UCSC
Epigenetic reprogramming by long noncoding RNA

Febuary 14th Michel Tasseto - Andino Lab, UCSF
Adaptive immunity in insects: From genetic memory to circulating RNAs

Al Zahler - Zahler Lab, UCSC
Mess 'em on the head, give him a push: Genetic screens for splicing fidelity regulators

March 9th Andrew Field - Hausler Lab, UCSC
Missing lnc's in primate brain evolution

Jeremy Sanford - Sanford Lab, UCSC
SINE Language: A role for Alu-derived sequences in splicing regulation

Contact: Harry Noller

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