RNA Club 2022-2023

Meets every 2nd Thursday of the month. 4:00 - 6:00 pm @ Zoom : https://ucsc.zoom.us/j/99660744134?pwd=bmc0OHJ3aXlSMWR4d1VEcnJUbDlBUT09 rm 123 Sinsheimer Labs, UCSC


January 12th

Michelle Seiwald - Ares Lab, UCSC

Febuary 9th

Cristina Flores-Arenas - Carpenter Lab , UCSC
Using High-Throughput CRISPRi Screens to Identify Novel Long Noncoding RNAs Involved in Macrophage Viability

Irene Beusch - Madhani Lab, UCSF
Functional genomics of the human spliceosome: SUGP1 (and SF1) mutations allow for escape from stalled splicing

March 9th

Simeiyun Liu - Sharma Lab , UCSC
Effects of diet on the abundance and modifications of tRNAs

Parissa Monem - Arribere Lab, UCSC
From traffic jam to trash can: how ribosomes get tagged for mRNA decay

April 13th

Meredith Stevers - Jurica Lab , UCSC
Reporting on the function of the BSL: in-cell splicing reporter for human U2 snRNA mutants

Manny Ares - Ares Lab, UCSC
Taxing the splicing capacity of yeast by adding new introns to the genome

May 11th

Lucas Ferguson - Ingolia Lab , UCB
Streamlined and sensitive mono- and di-ribosome profiling in yeast and human cells
Recording from zoom

Amos Nissley - Cate Lab, UCB
Archaeal rRNA Sequences Stabilize the Bacterial Ribosome
Recording from zoom

June 8th

Lyna Kabbani - Sanford Lab , UCSC

Amos Nissley - Arribere Lab, UCSC

Contact (phone) : Gillian Rexroad or Phyll Tveit 9-3703


Gillian Rexroad

Phyll Tveit

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