Postdoctoral Research

There are opportunities for postdoctoral research in all of the Center laboratories. Research provides training in the areas of biochemistry, structural biology, molecular biology, molecular genetics, cell biology, RNA genomics and computational biology. Prospective postdoctoral researchers should apply directly to RNA Center faculty members. Support for postdoctoral fellows in the Center is funded by a Keck Foundation grant to the Center, by research grants from the NIH, NSF and other extramural sources to individual faculty in the Center, and by extramural fellowships to individual postdoctoral fellows in the Center. Center postdocs have found successful careers in industry and as faculty members at academic institutions, including MIT, Iowa State, Johns Hopkins, University of Alberta, UC San Diego, University of Illinois, Chicago and UC Berkeley.

Prospective postdoctoral candidates should apply directly to individual RNA Center faculty via their email addresses as listed here.

Graduate Study

Students can pursue research in fulfillment of the Ph.D. degree in laboratories in the RNA Center, by enrolling in degree programs in the Departments of Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology; Chemistry and Biochemistry; or Biomolecular Engineering. Students are required to fulfill the degree requirements of the respective program, while carrying out their research in the RNA Center.

Prospective graduate students should apply to the UCSC Graduate Program in Biomedical Science and Engineering , or to the graduate programs in MCD Biology , Chemistry and Biochemistry , or Biomolecular Engineering