RNA Club

Meets every 2nd Thursday of the month. 4:00 - 6:00 pm @ rm 123 Sinsheimer Labs, UCSC

January 11 Nikolai Ulyanov - UCSF Dept. of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Modeling structures of telomerase RNA from various species.

Clint Spiegel - Noller Lab
tRNA movements during ribosomal translocation.
February 8 Michael Robertson - Scott Lab
The Structural Basis of Ribozyme-Catalyzed RNA Assembly.

Rhonda Perriman - Ares Lab
Rearrangement of Competing U2 RNA Helices Promotes Multiple Steps in Splicing.
March 8 Aaron Cozen - Lowe Lab
Running in Circles: RNA Oddities at 100 µCi.

David Staple - Noller Lab
Structural and Thermodynamic Investigation of the HIV-1 Frameshift Inducing RNA.
April 12 Christine Mayr - Bartel Lab, Whitehead Institute/MIT
Disrupting pairing between the let-7 miRNA and its target gene, Hmga2, enhances oncogenic transformation.

Roland Nagel - Ares Lab
Identification of Factors that Regulate Muscle-Specific Alternative Splicing in the Mouse.
May 10 Sun Hur - Stroud Lab, UCSF
tRNA flexibility is the Key to pseudouridylation of U38, 39 and 40 by TruA.

Sam Gu - Zahler Lab & Fire Lab, Stanford
Chemical Probing of microRNAs in their Native Complexes.
Summer Break
September 13 Sergio Barberan - Zahler Lab
Large-scale analysis of developmental regulation of alternative splicing in C. elegans.

Melissa Cline - Ares Lab
Conserved splicing in neural differentiation.
October 11 Gabriel Roybal - Jurica Lab
The Role of 3' Splice Site Fidelity in Early Spliceosome Assembly.

Manny Ares - Ares Lab
Intelligent Design of Regulated Alternative Splicing.
November 8 Pascal Egea - Stroud Lab, UCSF
Protein Targeting by the Signal Recognition Particle: One RNA and Two GTPases.

Jason Underwood - Haussler Lab
The HAR1 ncRNA: Searching for a Punchline.
December 13
Winter Break
Contact: Mary Ann Dassah @ x9-5127

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