1952 Chevrolet Pickup
Parts I'm looking for
  • Flywheel cover for a '54 235
  • Stock mirrors
To Do:
  • New exhaust pipe (straight, no muffler)
  • New Windshield wiper motor and blades
  • Replace rusted floor boards with patch panels
  • New gauges
  • Replace fuel gauge float
  • Paint cab interior (champagne color)

This is a 1952 1/2 Ton Chevrolet Pickup. It has a 1954 engine . I bought it from my uncle's friend for $500. It had been sitting in a meadow for 10 years. There was lots of water in the oil, and we suspected a cracked block from freezing. After draining the oil, flushing several times with fresh oil, refilling the radiator, and starting it up, the oil never showed signs of water contamination again. We concluded it was just accumulation of condensation after many summers and winters sitting.

The engine is an inline 6 cylinder 235. It has a 4 speed transmission. The body is in OK shape with a few bad Bondo patches, and some nasty rust in the cowling at the base of the front windshield. The brakes are spongy and need bleeding everytime I go back to use them. I replaced the master cylinder with a rebuild, so I suspect bad lines, or bad wheel cylinders. I had to replace the steering wheel which was made of chain, and the accelator pedal which was the shape of a "bigfoot". The interior is painted baby blue. The seats and headliner are in tough shape as is gauge cluster and floorboards.

October, 2002 I have replaced the rusted bed with a piece of plywood, rebuilt the carburetor, replaced the master brake cylinder, put new plugs and wires, points, and valve gasket on it so far.

October, 2003 I have done just about everything I can to make this charmer run right. This includes replacing the front wheel bearings with roller bearings, new wheel brake cylinders all around along with new brake shoes, new rear axel oil seals, had the radiator rebuilt, replaced the entire wiring harness, added turnsignals and brakes lights and a switch, reupholstered the seat, all new 16" 235/85 tires, brand new fuel tank and sending unit, replaced the fuel pump, installed a new water pump, replaced all of the Zirc fittings on the front suspension, and replaced the key switch. Whew. A summer and better part of a falls worth of off and on weekend sessions. Hard work that was worth every minute!

July, 2004 I took the truck on its maiden voyage from Sacramento California to Santa Cruz, a journey of about 180 miles. Other than the cab reeking of gas fumes the whole way, and no heater, the truck ran great, and sounded better by the end that it has since I owned it. Probably because I finally blew out the cobb webs. This thing drives like a car in a lot of ways, at least at speed. Parallel parking is another matter. This is my official "surf wagon" and gets lots of attention when I pull up at the break. The last time I came back to my truck after checking out the waves a woman was sitting on a fender having her picture taken by her husband while another guy stood on the top of his truck to take pictures from above. You would have thought for a moment that it was a show truck!


My Uncle's 1953 Chevy Pickup (125KB)